We are not a traditional agency, in fact, we are not an agency at all, and that is a conscious choice. Our primary focus is on visual communication, both Digital and physical. This idea of communication is at the core of what we are. We are first and foremost consultant specialised in visual branding, this can be external as well as internal. Branding is more than a pretty picture, colour or a logo. Its an identity, a feeling, a mood, a welcome atmosphere, and mostly its about people with passion.

So what services do we provide in this vast area?

Custom Workshops

We make custom workshops, focused on specific problems. Helping you to understand and deal with the problem actively. These workshops usually consist of 1, 2 or 3 days. We organise and facilitate both workshops inhouse and at external locations.

Specific Training

Aimed for professionals who want to learn a particular skill and excel at it. These are usually organised in a different location.

In House Consulting

Advice on Branding, Customer- and User Experience, Both internal as well as external. Our focus and goal are always on finding a solution together.

We are always open for a chat to see if we can help you.
Strategic Branding is essential both for small companies as well as big companies, both beginning and already established.

Your culture is your brand.

– Tony Hsieh

Branding today is essential, but what is Branding precisely?
— A question we get asked a lot more then you would expect. —
Branding, in its purest form, is a logo, a colour, typography, a feeling, a way of speaking to your customer base. It both represents your value as well as the values of your customers and users alike. And that is where we can help navigate you and your company.